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A simple application (integrated with our other softwares) used to make the process of printing Cheques faster and easier. There are many features that simplify the process of printing cheques.

Easy to use interface which will help you to change the cheque format and size etc. of every different bank. Once the setting is done, you just have to provide basic information like Company Name, Bank Name, Cheque #, Cheuqe Date, Pay To, Amount and Remarks.

* Salient Features *
  • Gives Professional look to the Cheques.
  • Improves the Efficiency & Prints more accurate cheques than manual.
  • Add any number of banks and bank accounts.
  • Export reports to Excel.
  • Supports Inkjet or Laser Printer.
  • Store Payee details.
  • Preview cheque before printing.
  • Track all printed and pending cheques.
  • Option to set size, width of cheques etc. for particular bank.
  • Print A/C Payee's A/c Only, Not Above Rs., Payable At Par etc.
  • Automatically converts Numeric Amounts into Words.
  • Selects penidng cheque numbers from drop down.
  • Detailed reports on issued & pending cheques.
  • Update the Cheque Book Received details.
  • Print on your normal Cheque leaves.